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Photo of Khaleal Williams

Khaleal Williams, Football
University of Manitoba Bisons QB
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I began training with Sherwin at acceleration in the beginning of june, my test numbers were: 40 yard dash: 5.2 secs, Shuttle: 4.9 secs, Verticle jump: 32", Broad jump: 9' 2", 225lbs bench press: 6 reps, Squat: 305lbs for 1 rep. Upon the completion of my training at Acceleration on August 15th every one of my test results had improved drastically. After 2 and a half months of training my test numbers were: 40 yard dash: 4.84 secs, Shuttle: 4.22 secs, Verticle jump: 36.5", Broad jump: 9' 8", 225lbs bench press: 11 reps, Squat: 350lbs for 4 reps. The numbers don't lie, my strength and speed improved greatly. I owe a great debt of gratittude to Sherwin and the entire staff at Acceleration, i'm in the best shape of my life and had it not been for their encouragement and dedication to striving for excellence i could have never achieved such amazing results. Thank you for all your help!

Khaleal Williams, University of Manitoba Bisons Football QB

Photo of DJ Lalama

DJ Lalama, Football
University OF Western Ontario LB
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I have been training with Sherwin, and the Acceleration Staff for 2 years now, since the beginning of grade 11. At that time I ran my 40-yard dash in a 5.3, my bench was 165 x10, squat 275x10, 26" vertical and a broad jump of 8'5. Continuing with Sherwin's creative and innovative workouts, my test numbers have improved drastically. I run my 40-yard dash in 4.63 seconds, bench 225x10, squat 385x10, vertical jump of 33.5" and broad jump of 9'4". Along with an immense improvement in the gym, it parallels to my development on the field. In the last 6 months I have been named Canada Cup Football All-Star as one of the top 3 linebackers in Canada at the under-18 level and received Winnipeg High School Football League Defensive MVP and Team (St. Paul's) MVP, along with league All- Star honours as well. Due to the dedication of the Acceleration Staff, I have received numerous scholarship offers to continue paying football at the next level. I owe all this and more to the encouraging staff at AP. If you want to be an athlete at the highest level or be the best you can be…. there's only one way to achieve that; ACCELERATION PERFORMANCE.

DJ Lalama, University of Western Ontario Football LB

Photo of Justin Duff

Justin Duff, Volleyball
University of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

For 4 years now, I have known Sherwin Vasallo, and I can tell you right away that he is a man dedicated to and familiar with the intricacies of his profession. When I first came to University of Winnipeg, I had not thought much about the importance of weight training in my sport. I figured that as long as I could jump high I was ahead of the game already. What I did not count on was the patellar tendonitis I would contract during my first 2 years, which would keep me on the sidelines during practice times. It was frustrating and embarrassing to be unable to compete, and there were days when I would take 1-3 jumps and know I would not be able to play. The summers between my University seasons Sherwin made me a personalized and specific workout plan of weights and plyometrics to combat my ailment. It was a very tough process with much adjustment but Sherwin was there all the way. I am happy to say that going into my third year I was jumping higher than ever before, with great consistency and virtually pain free. I went for touching 11 feet 8 inches in my first year to 12 feet 2 inches!! The best thing about the transition was that I managed to play the whole season like this, missing no practices, avoiding constant clinic hours and being the most physically prepared I've ever been. I want to thank Sherwin for his time and dedication, and hope that one day you will be able to as well.

Justin Duff, 3rd year Wesmen Volleyball

Photo of Ryan Roper

Ryan Roper, Basketball
Cape Breton University
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Hi my name is Ryan Roper and I have had the pleasure of training with Acceleration performance. Acceleration has made me become an all around around better athlete. Since working with Sherwin and Howie, my max bench press went up 55 pounds, my max squat went up an amazing 200 pounds and my vertical jump went up close to 7 inches. I was able to gain muscle mass and become a stronger, faster, more agile athlete. I am now paying basketball for the Cape Breton University Capes in the Atlantic University Sport Conference, and I am now more confident when I play. I find the game comes easier to me now and I am able to use my athleticism to compete at my highest level. There is no question if you want to get to the next level in your specific sport Acceleration Performance is the place to be! The dedicated staff pushes you hard and allows you to get to your full potential. I would recommend Acceleration to anyone who wants to compete at the highest level possible.

Ryan Roper B.A. Conflict Resolution Studies

Photo of Donovan Alexander

Donovan Alexander, Football
Sask. Roughriders DB
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I have trained with Acceleration Performance and Sherwin Vasallo since my freshman year in 2004. As a neophyte to college football, I quickly learned that I needed more size and strength to compete. Training at Acceleration Performance allowed me to gain muscle mass while losing body fat. I increased my weight from 170 to 188 pounds while becoming faster, quicker and stronger.

It is Sherwin's insatiable appetite for innovation that has allowed me and other elite athletes to prosper in our respected sports. Acceleration Performance emphasizes the proper techniques of each exercise to garner the maximum results. Many different tools like kettle bells, chains and workout bands are utilized to intensify training and to create explosive power. Sherwin's toughness and discipline is sometimes shrouded by his amiable and bubbly personality which has made him not only my trainer but also a good friend.

Photo of Ben Downs

Ben Downs, Football
University of Alberta
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

My name is Ben Downs and I recently spent the past summer training underthe staff at Acceleration Performance. It was either training with them or playing for the Provincial Under-19 Team. I had countless amounts of people asking me why I didn't and that I should have.

Well, I look back on my decision and I am fully convinced I made the right one. Acceleration Performance took me as a client (previously I had been trained by my brother Mike) and I was very grateful for what they had helped me with in terms of physical gains.

I had been benching 225 lbs for ten and could barely do 275 for one rep. My squatting was horrendous, my footwork decent and my speed was nothing but adequate. After training with Acceleration Performance, my bench went to 250 lbs for ten and a max of 315. I can squat 335 for ten reps, my shuttle run went from 5.6 seconds to 4.9, and my vertical jump ended up being 26 inches. My 40 yard dash was a high 5.6.

I owe all my gains, my physical condition, and my attitude towards training to Acceleration Performance. I sincerely believe that.

Kayla Diling, Soccer
Trinity Western University
Langley, BC, Canada

Hey, my name's Kayla and I trained with Acceleration Performance to get ready for my fall soccer season at the University of Manitoba. The staff at Acceleration Performance were recommended to me by a friend and I knew I wanted them as my trainers after our first meeting. They pushed me to get better, stronger and didn't let me quit. One of the things that I loved most about those couple months was that they came up with really creative exercises. Stuff that I've never seen or done.

In the end, I was recruited by another University while I was in Paraguay with Athletes in Action. So, the training paid off and I'd be the first one to recommend them to anyone thinking of considering hiring a trainer!!!!!

Photo of Nicola Dirks

Nicola Dirks, Volleyball
University of Winnipeg
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

I have been trained by many different elite trainers and Acceleration Performance has by far been the best. After training with Acceleration for the past two years I feel the strongest, fastest, and in the best shape that I've ever been. Not only are the training programs fun and challenging, they are also sport specific and have definately made a big impact on my game. Thank you so much for all the time you guys have put in to our team and to me. You are the best!


"Olympic lifting for explosiveness?? Yes... but if are having a hard time mastering the Olympic lifts, try kettlebell training! It is much easier to learn and you will still train the exact components of the Olympic lifts."

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