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Your 1-stop development and fitness shop for sports athletes and teams ages 9-18+ with general public fitness programs in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba.  We also offer various skills-training services for basketball athletes.

We are a no-nonsense private training facility catering to goal-oriented individuals who require performance training, prehab, therapy, and rehab.

Serving Manitoba for over 14 years

all sports training

add strength, conditioning, prehab, therapy, & rehab to your existing program

Acceleration Performance and Total Rehab 360 Degree Service

basketball development

add skills development to any S&C, prehab, therapy, & rehab to your program

Acceleration Performance and Total Rehab 360 Degree Service

We are two affiliated businesses: Acceleration Performance and Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injuries Clinic) that offer you 360° services for performance, fitness, health and wellness.

Life-style, athletes, fitness classes, fat loss, strength training and more. AP has the equipment and facilities required for your health and wellness needs!

Drop us a line for a free consult:


Team Training for all sports teams

  for coaches and their teams


take your team to the next level

Athlete Training for all sports athletes and basketball players

  for players, parents , & parent groups


improve personal athleticism (9-18+)


  for the general public  


fitness, health, & fun for everyone

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