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  • Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson, Pro France

  • Rashawn Brown, CEBL, Rattlers

  • Keith Omoerah, Pro Sweden

  • Ben Miller, Pro Aremian Super League

  • Legacy Prep, Winnipeg, Canada

  • AJ Basi, Pro England Pro League

  • Akienreh Johnson, Sweden Pro League

  • Jelane Pryce, CEBL, NBL

  • Emily Potter, Pro, Greece

  • numerous NBA G-League Online clients

  • Raizel Guinto, LA Tech, NCAA D1

  • Joe Medrano, UW, USports

  • Ja'Qualyn Gilbreath, Pro, Cyprus

  • Kuet Kuet, UW, USports

  • Faith Hezekiah, UW, USports

  • Jillian Duncan, UW, USports

  • Debbie Nkiasi, UW, USports

  • Manitoba Magic Basketball Club

  • Winnipeg Wolves Basketball Club

  • Junior Bisons Basketball Club

  • Daniel Sackey, University of New Orleans, NCAA D1


Can't join us in person? We can still take your game to the next level - ONLINE!

If you live across the city, out of city, out of province or even out of country, we can still get your stronger, faster, jump higher and get your skills sharp. Our online training plans have given our pro and university clients next level results! Weekly check ins, strength programming, vertical jump, speed or skill work, let us help you be the best baller you can be!


Athletic Development Programming for Basketball
Begins SEPT 2022 

ALL AGES - 12-17

Mon/Wed 5pm Slot 1
3rd day option Friday 5pm
*slots may open with increased demand

Maximum 6 ballers per slot. Focus for these young ballers will be to improve physical literacy. Enhance strength, agility and mobility. Gain the foundation for advanced athletics in their teenage years.


Tue/Thurs 6pm Slot 2
3rd Day option Saturday 9am


Maximum 6 ballers per slot. Foundational strength and improved movement efficiency. Vertical jump development and core strength training.



Maximum 6 ballers per slot. Prepping for college, university or even men's league, this is your slot to take your game to the next level. Super strength, speed and vertical jump development. Make an impact on your team and dominate the competition!

Coach Chad and I are excited to announce another Basketball camp in the Interlake - AP BALLER PRESEASON BASKETBALL CAMP! Dec 10 & 11, 2022 @ Gimli HS!


Now that we have had the chance to work with all of you in the summer, we have gained a general sense of what you need and how you play. This camp is going to be a bit different. We are not only going to teach you the skills needed to excel, but we are also going to incorporate speed, agility, vertical jump development to get you all primed and ready to go for your upcoming basketball seasons!


Here is just a sample of what we have in store:

Improved shooting - Wide open and contested.

Enhanced ballhandling - Don't lose the ball ever again. Learn to use your body to protect the ball at all times. 

Reactive defense - Move with efficiency. Don't get beat again.

Footwork to breakdown the defense - Breakdown the defender everytime with easy footwork.

Speed, agility and quickness - Learn the drills that we use to get our pros and college stars quicker, faster and more explosive. 

And much more...

Once again, our camp will be broken up into age groups to maximize learning and maintain a fun, competitive environment!

We had a great turn out in the summer time but we anticipate this to be even bigger. We are giving you all the inside scoop on registering before we go live so don't miss out on registering early and securing your spot in the camp! 


Thank you all and we look forward to seeing you again soon! 


Competitive Rates

$245 + GST/MONTH*

2x/week training

This is the bare bones basics for taking your game to the next level. Build the ground work for improved strength, speed and mobility. Includes: 1 AP training shirt, 2 training sessions per week. *Price reflects minimum 2 month commitment. Add court time (1hr, 1x/week): $55 + gst.

$285 + GST/MONTH*

3x/week training

This is the gold standard for training. Want to take your game up a notch in the least amount of time possible? This is the package for you! While the others rest, you are working to set yourself up to be the best! Includes: 1 AP training shirt, 3 training sessions per week. *Price reflects a minimum 2 month commitment. Add court time (1hr, 1x/week): $55 + gst.

$215 + GST/MONTH

Court sessions only 

Maybe you are already on a program and all you want is the extra skill work - learn new moves, tricks or drills - then this might be for you. Join the rest of the AP Baller crew Saturdays and put up quality reps to add to your arsenal of moves! 


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