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What is AP Baller Basketball Training?

AP Baller is Winnipeg's complete basketball training program from Acceleration Performance (AP) and affiliate Total Rehabilitation and Sports Injury Clinic. Physical development and skill development all under one roof. Come to where the PROS trust their development. AP Baller - the city's best in basketball athlete development.

360° Basketball: Performance, Skills, Prehab & Rehab

Empower your players with peak performance, speed, agility, quickness, injury resilience, and game longevity through professional skills and physical development – your secret weapon behind basketball excellence.

Unleash True Potential: The Ultimate Basketball Training Experience

Coaches, this is where your teams can gain the edge. Athletes, this is where you leapfrog your competition. Parents, witness as your budding star rises to greatness.

At Acceleration Performance, we’re the key to unlocking unmatched potential in every basketball player. Whether you’re just getting started on the court or are looking to take your game to an unparalleled level, we've got you covered.

Age Is Just a Number:

Our elite program is designed for basketball players aged 9-18+ because it is essential to start learning the game early to get an edge. Whether you're molding a young prodigy or refining an advanced player's skills, we're here to accelerate that journey.

"One of the top training facilities in the city by far. Very knowledgeable staff and owners. Keep it going!"

- Chad Posthumus
Canadian pro basketball player for the Winnipeg Sea Bears (CEBL)

360° Basketball Training Experience:

Strength & Conditioning: Building a strong athletic foundation is paramount. Our programs blend the latest sports science with time-tested training methods to maximize power, endurance, and agility. You'll notice the difference when pushing through the fourth quarter or making that game-changing sprint.

Skills Training: We dive deep into the nuances of the game. From perfecting your shooting form to mastering court vision, our expert coaches employ cutting-edge drills and real-game scenarios. Elevate your handles, nail those jumpers, and dominate both ends of the floor.


Prehab, Therapy, & Rehab: Prevention is better than cure. Our 'Prehab' prepares the body for the demands of intense basketball, reducing injury risks. But life happens; that's why we're also equipped with top-notch therapy & rehab services, ensuring you bounce back stronger and faster from any setback.

A Game Changer:
We get it – the basketball world is competitive. But with our holistic approach, athletes don't just compete; they lead. We speak the language of the game, understand the grind, and resonate with the dream. Join us and experience the transformation firsthand.

Transform your game, transcend the ordinary.

Dive into the elite world of Acceleration Performance.

Join the AP Club of Excellence

Our training programs have played a pivotal role in supporting athletes on their journey to professional leagues internationally, including the CEBL. Athletes like Simon Hildebrandt, Chad Postumus, Keith Omoerah, AJ Basi, and Rashawn Browne have incorporated our expertise into their broader training regimens. While we are proud to be a part of their journey, we recognize that their hard work, dedication, and holistic training are the main drivers of their success.

When you train with us, you're adding another valuable tool to your arsenal, enhancing your preparedness for premier national and international arenas. Don't just dream of success—equip yourself with every advantage. Join us and optimize your athletic potential!

“Ever since I started working with him I’ve just noticed a difference in my body, my strength, and my explosiveness, and just overall confidence not only physically, but also in my game."

— Jarred Ogungbemi-Jackson
Canadian-Jamaican basketball player

Last seen playing internationally for the 2023-24 Tsmoki-Minsk" team in the "VTB United" league. a top-tier professional basketball league in Northern and Eastern Europe.

“Training with Sherwin has been a huge game changer for me to get me ready for my pro season overseas. The workouts are never boring, they’re always mixed up, always a challenge. It’s so much fun to be in the gym with other ballers and other athletes who are trying to elevate their game as well."

— Emily Potter

Canadian basketball player

Last seen playing for Canada's National Team Senior Year  at the 2023  FIBA Women's FIBA AmeriCup.

‘Working out with Sherwin has been really good for me over the past few years. He really helped me prepare for my seasons, change my body, and elevate my game to another level over my past two seasons at Trinity Western.”

— Ja’Qualyn Gilbreath

American Basketball Player

Last seen playing internationally for the 2020-2023 Apop Paphou team, Cyprus Division A, league representing the top-tier basketball league in Cyprus.

Team Training for all sports teams

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take your team to the next level

Athlete Training for all sports athletes and basketball players

  for players, parents , & parent groups


improve personal athleticism (9-18+)


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fitness, health, & fun for everyone

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